Mobile Applications


EPIXS Media is proud to announce that we have built a number of mobile Apps which have been approved and are listed on the Play store and a few of our client Apps are currently in development awaiting launch. We would be happy to show you apps that we have built over the past year.

Why are we so excited about apps? Mobile App development for iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry apps could be very beneficial to most organisations. With our expertise in mobile architecture and design, our App developers will make sure that your App meets your strategic goals from the start whether you are looking for iPhone developers or other mobile App designers.

The future is mobile

Mobile Apps are now, and without doubt, the preferred way for people with mobile devices to interact with businesses and this will only increase. EPIXS Media always at the cutting edge of technology and have transferred our considerable expertise in website design to the mobile App market. We take our unrivalled design and web development experience and apply it to this fantastic new platform by employing specially trained professional App developers.

We offer app development as follows:

  • Android App Developers
  • iPhone App Developers
  • iPad App Developers
  • Blackberry App Developers
  • Other Mobile App developers
  • Google Playstore Management
  • IOS App store Management

Ready to Move Foward

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July 13, 2017